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Hello, Im back again!

Started by Afterburn, December 08, 2008, 12:22:13 AM

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Hello Everyone,

I was hosted by Hostned a few years ago, and I loved the service. Never had a reason to leave them. Too bad my house burned down and I wasn't able to stay online after that. I used to work for Dan for a while as well, anyways, I'll stick around to see if anyone needs my help. My skills have grown so much since last time I was here, anyways, see you around!



Welcome back!  Go ahead and post what your services are and the best way to contact you :)


Definitely I will post up the services. As you can see, I have truly grown in my ability to design several different items :)

  • Banner Design
  • Logo Creations
  • Script Installations
  • CuteNews Designs
  • Website Template/Layout Design
  • Misc. Graphics
  • [Forums] Team Avatars
  • [Forums] Team Signatures

You can reach me though my personal email: afterburn [at]


 :) Hello Afterburn and Welcome Back !  I'm a REAL " Newbie " myself and VERY " Green " to all of this  ??? , so if I have any " ROOKIE " Questions , PLEASE bear with me  ::) .


Afterburn is a real artist, so I am sure he has a lot of new stuff to share with us.  How about it?!