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Ecommerce / Re: Review: Shopster for Ecommerce
December 28, 2010, 09:36:52 AM
After trying out Shopster, I found Get Selling Today   I have been selling on this site for over 3 months and have no trouble what so ever.   I have had a few questions and there live support was excellent.   They have over 1 Million dropship products that you can easily add to your website and update/change at any time.  You set your own profit margin for each product.  I can push my products to my Ebay listings very EASY, I have a Facebook Store that auto Sync's with my real store which generates a lot of my website traffic.

They also have a Awesome Logo creator software for FREE for all members so that you don't have to pay the High Fee's having a professional design your logo.  They list all their products right on their main website so you know what types of products they have that you could be listing on your online store.   Changing the whole look of your website takes 1 click and can be done anytime.  They have a bunch of other free website promotion tools that you can use as well which really help. 

I suggest any of you to try out Get Selling Today – Hopefully you have the same success I am currently having.