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Okay, Now what'd I do?

Okay, Now what'd I do?

Started by Dragonfighter, June 06, 2007, 05:02:49 pm

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I have yet another wrinkle, probaly minor but I don't know what I have to do to fix it.

I was using my FTP Program to sunc my harddrive with the files on the server and hit the wrong it moved them all onto my computer and out of httpdocs.

I moved them all back and now the address receives a 404 error.  If I complete the address with "index.html" I get the page.  If I type it without the www. I get the page.  All of the links and the forum work.  I'd hate to have to tell people, "now you either have to add a forward slash and index.html or type it without the w's."   ::)

Any suggestions?


Well, look here

See at the bottom, you have your nameservers set to

Name Server:NS3.NO-IP.COM
Name Server:NS2.NO-IP.COM
Name Server:NS1.NO-IP.COM
Name Server:NS4.NO-IP.COM
Name Server:NS5.NO-IP.COM

Why is that?  That would be the reason why things are screwed up in this way.  Why not just use the nameservers HostNed provides:



That's weird, did it default back when I accidentally cleared the folder?  I no what to do...I think.  Thanks again.


No, nameserver settings would be unaffected by deletingthe folder.  For more info on nameserver settings, see here


Alrighty, all that is done and we're up and running.  Thank you so much for your help.  Now onto other mundane things.