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Moron Needs help with PHP (Forums)

Moron Needs help with PHP (Forums)

Started by Dragonfighter, June 05, 2007, 03:04:08 pm

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Per the request I am starting a new thread and hopefully will be able to resolve what is most likely an user error issue.  From the original post:

QuoteAlrighty then, email works but I cannot get a forum to work.

  If I try to use the Simple Machines forum and fill out the install form OR test the permissions it opens a Wikipedia article on forums.

If I try to install the phpBB from the applications vault in control panel, it seems to install okay, it shows my administrator user name as the member but won't let me log in or run any scripts.

I installed an .htaccess to resolve the non access errors some time ago.

Any ideas?


The phpBB forum is here.

I have not "successfully" installed the Simple Machines forum.  So there is no URL for it.


Looks like the way that it installed was a bit strange.  Looks like it may work from non-www.  I mean from but not from


Well I'll be dipped, let me see if I can get the SMF running the same way.


She's up and running now!  Thaaaaaank you.