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Generating an SSL certificate in Cpanel?

Generating an SSL certificate in Cpanel?

Started by changequick, June 10, 2008, 09:56:44 pm

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I see how to generate a SSL certificate in the Plesk 2.0 control panel for my other domains, however am not seeing it within Cpanel for my new domain.

Anyone can help me here?

I also looked at the Cpanel users guide, and it says to click on 'private key' (KEY) button, however I do not have one of these buttons on my Cpanel. ??? Weird.

Thanks for the help.


Plesk and Cpanel handle things very differently and SSL is one of those things.  Cpanel requires a dedicated IP address for domains installing proper SSL certificates (non-shared) on them.  If you have not already purchased the SSL Basic (or SSL Complete) add-on from HostNed then the button will not even appear.

Since HostNed is going the Cpanel direction now, the plan details  are changing a little bit, but I think the deal is that with Custom Series plans you need the add-on and with SDL-Power accounts it comes with SSL Basic but you probably need to request it through support ticket though.