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Using the Plesk control panel to install a CMS from the software library

Started by McGyver45, June 19, 2017, 07:19:18 AM

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Hello Hostned,

I am considering a stock installation of one of the CMS products from the control panel.  I am thinking of WordPress or Joomla.  Does Hostned have a preference as to which we use from a security standpoint?  Are there any changes from the standard install that need to be done?  I do not want to leave my site or your servers vulnerable.

Thanks in advance for your input. 



Thanks for your question. We see that Wordpress is the most popular by far and we fully support it here. Nothing is totally secure, but the last few years WP has been doing good by helping keep the product as secure as possible. Many have success using a Security Plugin like Wordfence or Securi. They are available in the WP plugin market.


Thank you for the input.  I have not worked with Word Press before, but I see it widely used for bloggers.  I will do some reading up on it before I take the plunge.  Have a great day!


Wordpress is really easy and is more popular then Joomla, If you need any help I can help you for free, send me a private message.