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Mail issues on Win2 server

Started by Dynaweb, February 07, 2007, 12:40:38 pm

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In regards to email performance on server WIN2 late January. 

We can confirm that from mid to late January we experienced periods of mail failures.  This occured due to one of the DNSBL blacklist databases we use to filter incoming email to our server having troubles.  Although their failure appears to be due to a problem in their service upgrade and not an issue of negligence, mail problems are not acceptable for HostNed customers.  This type of server-wide filtering is industry standard and the failure was experienced by thousands of servers worldwide.  Needless to say we are very disappointed in the failures of the 3rd party service that we have come to rely upon.  Due to the reliability issue, we have unsubscribed from that database service; however we are still maintaining other databases to protect the server from being flooding by incoming SPAM email.  We regret that we have experienced this and I assure you we have taken proper measures to prevent such a failure in the future.

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Mailenable released a hotfix and it has been applied to this server.  That should resolve the issue.