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Billing / Does HostNed accept American Express?
January 18, 2012, 11:34:00 am
Yes, we accept all major credit cards including American Express.  To pay with Amex, choose the PayPal payment method upon signing up (PayPal is used as a gateway and a PayPal account is not required) in your account management area MyHostNed or contact support.
Triple Mining is a Bitcoin mining data-pool where you can earn bitcoins by generating bitcoin data from your computer

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- Grow your own minipool
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The default TCP port for FTP connection is port 21. Sometimes the connection gets blocked by a local firewall rule or your Internet Service Provider blocks this port and this will result in FTP connection issues.

Here's how to, depending on your OS, check whether an essential port is being blocked by your PC, LAN or ISP:

Check port 21 on a Windows OS

Click on the Start menu button, usually located on the left low corner of the screen. There is a tab called "Run". You have to click on it, in order to proceed further. You will notice the appearance of a new small window on the screen. In the text field of this window you need to type "cmd" and then press the "Enter" key. Another window will open. It is the so called "MS-DOS prompt" or "command prompt". Just type the following command in the command prompt window and press "Enter":

telnet hostned.com 21

Check port 21 on an Apple/Mac OS

Each Mac OS is delivered with a preinstalled terminal emulator. The terminal is a tool which allows you to execute commands from the command line. Usually, the terminal is located under your Mac HD -> "Applications" directory -> Utilities sub-directory. When the window opens, you will see a command line with a flashing cursor on it so you can start typing right away. Just type the following command and press "Enter":

telnet hostned.com 21

Check port 21 on a Linux OS

Open your favorite terminal emulator and execute the following command in order to telnet your website:

telnet hostned.com 21
Results from the 21 port check

If the test is successful, you should receive a message like this:

220---------- Welcome to Pure-FTPd [privsep] [TLS] ----------
220-You are user number 1 of 50 allowed.
220-Local time is now 12:09. Server port: 21.
220-This is a private system - No anonymous login
220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server.
220 You will be disconnected after 15 minutes of inactivity.

If the welcome message similar to the one above does not appear, you should first look at your settings for your Firewall in your OS then in your router.  If everything is set properly there, contact your local ISP and ask them to unblock this port at their end.
The email passwords in the new Plesk (10+) are now managed in the webmail interface.
OK, so you want to take your Facebook newsfeed content and use RSS to include it on a web page elsewhere.  Here is how to do it.

Use the RSS News Feed Reader App at

Allow it the permission and follow the steps to enroll for that.  It will then give you an RSS Subscription URL

Copy that URL and go to RSS DOG at


Now paste the URL into the box there and click the MAKE THE CODE button

You will then be presented the code (scroll down a bit ti see it and example output) to use on your web page.

Since the upgrade to PHP version 5.3.8, many sites are reporting error messages similar to this one...

Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/domain/public_html/file.php

This can be easily fixed by editing the PHP code in the file.

Find "ereg" and replace with "preg"

That should suppress the annoying error message.
Advertising Boards / Logo Design
October 12, 2011, 04:15:18 pm
Free logo design service.  This place allows you to create your own logo.  Check it out!
Design Other / RSS to HTML Converter - RSS Dog
October 12, 2011, 10:29:56 am
DynaWeb Designs has a great (and easy as pie) way to display RSS content on your web pages.  The RSS Dog RSS to HTML converter.  I use it on my site and it is very handy.
On May 26th and 27th we will be upgrading the MyHostNed area.  If you have trouble accessing that area within the next couple days it will most likely be due to the upgrade process -- please try again later or contact us.

Also, please provide feedback to us, both positive and negative, of the new version so we can pass that along to the software development team.

Thank You,
HostNed.com Staff
Have you guys tried Chitika Ads Network yet?  Even if it was a while back, they have made a lot of improvements recently and their ECPM/targeting algorithm  is really good.
I have been hearing some buzz lately about Net Neutrality.  It seems like an important issue.  What do you think?  It it something we should be concerned about?  If so what can we do?

See the details here:

If you need a LOT of space, now is the time to order.

Linux Standard = 5GB
Linux Plus = 10GB
Linux Pro = 20GB

While supplies last, through April 2011.  Still $0 setup.
How do I setup my Outlook or Outlook Express to use my HostNed email account?
Email Setup For
                                      Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express                                     

  1- Open Microsoft Outlook Express                                     
  2- Choose the Tools menu and then select Accounts.
  3- Click MAIL tab then click the ADD button and again choose MAIL.                                       
  4- Enter your name. This is the name that people will see when they receive an e-mail from you.
  5- Choose Next.
  6- If prompted, choose I already have an e-mail address that I would like to use.
  7- Enter your complete E-mail address. You must already have this address account installed.
  Example: webmaster@yourdomainnamehere.com                                     
    8- Choose Next.
  9- Incoming Server should be set to use POP3 by default. If not, chooose POP3.
  10- Enter the Incoming Mail Server Name.
  Example: mail.yourdomainnamehere.com                             
    11-   Enter the Outgoing Mail Server   Name.
  Example: mail.yourdomainnamehere.com (You may also use SMTP   provided by your ISP)
    12- Choose Next.
  13- Enter your email Account Name. (typically this is the entire email   address)
  14- Enter your email Account Password.
  15- If you want to have your   password saved, so that you don't   have to type it when checking   e-mail, place a check in the   Remember password box.
  16- Secure Password Authentication should be unchecked by default. If  not, uncheck Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).                                       
  17- Choose Next.
  18- Choose Finish to save your settings.                                     
  ** If your ISP or SMTP provider requires SMTP authentication, then  continue below. If not then your setup is complete:
    19- Choose the Mail tab.
  20- You will see the account you just created in the white box. Click  on it (select/highlight) Account and then choose the Properties button.                                       
  21- Choose the Servers tab.
  22- Check the box My Server   requires authentication.
  23- Choose the Apply button.
  24- Choose the OK button.
  25- Choose the Close button.         
Email & Webmail / What is the policy for SMTP?
February 22, 2011, 02:43:17 pm
What is the policy for SMTP?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol and it is a commonly used service for the sending of email. 

Our NEW policy now allows for sending of email through SMTP with hosting accounts.  This is for casual use only and we monitor heavily for abuse.  If you require anything stronger than casual use, we recommend using SMTP service provided through your ISP.  For mass mailings and mailing list management, contact support for available options.
Control Panels / What the heck is a control panel?
February 22, 2011, 02:37:59 pm
What the heck is a control panel?

A control panel is a place for you to manage your domain on the web server. It is your online interface (web page) where you can change settings for email, manage passwords, databases, backups and stuff like that.  Here at HostNed, we provide only premium control panels -- Cpanel and Plesk.
Control Panels / How do I know what control panel I have?
February 22, 2011, 02:36:57 pm
How do I know what control panel I have?

Check your Welcome email or ask support.
Control Panels / How do I get to my control panel?
February 22, 2011, 02:36:22 pm
How do I get to my control panel?

Your information on accessing your                                 control panel and many other settings                                 are available at                                                                http://hostned.com/setup/ce/ or the                                 link given in your Welcome Email.
Where can I find the manual for Plesk control panel?

Plesk manual for Linux ->                                                                Domain Users,                                                                Resellers
                                Plesk manual for Windows ->                                                                Domain Users,                                                                Resellers
Where can I find the manual for Cpanel/WHM control panel?

Cpanel manual
WHM manual (for reseller accounts)