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I manage many different websites that use WordPress and I find that the very best thing I can do for security is to install the WordFence plugin. It is a real WAF (Web Application Firewall) that works in the background to help prevent malicious activity on your website.

Do you use this or something different for WP security?
SEO and Marketing / Does HostNed Support Mailing Lists?
January 15, 2019, 12:59:29 pm
Our hosting services are optimized for websites and email for daily use. To keep our services clean and spam-free, we limit the number of emails that your account can send per hour. Although this makes a great environment for most, it is not designed for mass mailings and email marketing campaigns.

Recommended Email Marketing Services:

Connect to your Web Presence Builder (WPB)

Your WPB is available at the following URL.

Once logged in, click the EDIT WEBSITE button. I suggest running backups frequently prior to performing changes, just to be safe.
Once published, you will need to refresh the browser to see the new changes.

Please be advised that since you are using the SiteBuilder, it is not recommended to use FTP or File Manager to edit files as doing so could overwrite files that are vital to keep the SiteBuilder functioning properly.
Frontpage / Frontpage Extensions No Longer Supported
September 27, 2018, 12:40:55 pm
We no longer support FPSE (Frontpage Server Extensions) as they are a very old and expired technology that has been abandoned by Microsoft.

Alternatives are:

- Wordpress or other CMS
- Parallels Web Presence Builder (SiteBuilder)
- File Manager (cPanel or Plesk)

Questions? Ready to order?
Contact Us
Beware of another Domain Registration Scam. This one from a company named iDNS (Internet Domain Name Services) from Jersey City, New Jersey.



If you need help determining your real Domain Registrar, feel free to contact us or use our WHOIS Lookup here..

iDNS are fraudulently sending Domain Expiration Notices pretending to be from your current Domain Name Registrar. Nowhere in their notice do they disclose that they are, in fact, a third party company attempting to get you to switch to them as a Registrar, but that is precisely what they are doing.

Here is an example of the notice.
Create and manage Git™ repositories directly from your cPanel hosting control panel. You can use Git to maintain any set of files and track the history of changes from multiple editors (version control).

Get yours today!
Email and Webmail / Using Rainloop For Email
March 05, 2018, 05:54:13 pm
I have been using the HostNed RainLoop for email (webmail) lately. Although it is a little limited in it's features, I have to say it is a nice email experience for something that is browser-based. Looks way better than the other standard webmail systems like Roundcube and Horde -- especially when on a tablet or smartphone.
It's still in Beta, but give it a try.
Your hosting includes email with advanced SPAM filtering like Apache Spamassassin. This is controlled by you from your hosting Control Panel (Cpanel or Plesk).

An optimally configured IMAP mailbox enables a Spam email folder called "Spam" where detected SPAM messages are sent to. This keeps your Inbox clean and SPAM-Free :)

Our policy for Spam folders is to automatically delete messages therein after 7 days. This allows you ample time to scan the Spam folder periodically for possible False Positives, or messages that should not be there.
SPAM is a problem for everyone at some point or another. To help you fight SPAM, HostNed offers a powerful tool that keeps up-to-date with the very latest pattern recognition software. While most providers offer SpamAssassin with default rules that catches only a limited amount of bad stuff, we allow you to assist yourself and the HostNed community by reporting SPAM messages that make their way through. The technical term is "Server-wide Baysian SpamAssassin Email Rules". It works much like anti-virus software does, but is designed for email systems.

Here is how to use it (HostNed Hosting Only):

  • First make sure that SpamAssassin is enabled in the Control Panel. See documentation here: Cpanel, Plesk. Just use the basic config. We recommend setting to send all identified SPAM to the folder named "spam".

  • Now we need to create two new mail folders in the top level (not inside other folders). One named "Report-spam" and another named "Report-notspam". (Case sensitive, no quotes)

  • To use it like a pro, report new SPAM by moving any noticeable SPAM that comes to your Inbox to the folder "Report-spam". The server will check that folder daily for fresh SPAM you added recently. As a courtesy, we do not remove these messages from that folder for a few days, but eventually it will clear itself. The server will use the messages you reported to "learn" what the new SPAM patterns looks like and will attempt to move any incoming messages that match it to your "spam" folder. In case any messages come through into the "spam" that are not really SPAM (false positives), move them into the "Report-notspam" folder you created. Same deal, allow the server a couple days to process the report.

This powerful tool can give you the edge in SPAM prevention that are typically reserved only for expensive providers or custom systems.

* Please be respectful of the other community members by REPORTING ONLY ACTUAL SPAM, unwanted messages from legitimate sources are not to be reported here as other users may indeed desire those in their inboxes.
Email and Webmail / Using Gmail Along With HostNed
April 15, 2016, 02:24:45 pm
This is a guide for options available -- and recommended easy way -- for connecting your hosted domain (HostNed) email to your Gmail account.

Assuming you already have your domain hosted with HostNed:
Your HostNed Web Hosting service already comes with email accounts. This includes standard connection protocols IMAP, POP3, and SMTP to use with various clients and applications (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, K9 Mail, etc...). The web hosting also includes Webmail for checking your email through any web browser. You can also create email "Forwarders" that redirect mail to a different address.

Hooking Your Email Into Gmail

If you rather use Gmail as a "hub" for your various different email addresses, there are different ways to go about doing that, but the most common way I see is users setting up email "Forwarding" and have that address forward mail to your Gmail account. In your Gmail account you can receive that mail and you can also set up your Gmail account to "send mail as" your account, that is in Gmail "Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Send Mail As".

Set Up An Email Forwarder

First you need to log in to your hosting Control Panel -- that is either Cpanel or Plesk.

For most domains using Cpanel:
  Cpanel Manual:

For most domains using Plesk: (Linux) or (IIS)
  Plesk Manual:

Other Options

Even still, there are other ways to achieve this that are more complicated. Also there is the way by changing the MX records and Cnames and various DNS settings to do more direct email management through Gmail, most often combined with Paid Upgraded Google Apps for Business.
A lot of our "Just Chat" activity is now on our Facebook page at
Email and Webmail / Hosted Exchange Email Service
September 10, 2015, 01:19:21 am
We are happy to offer Hosted Exchange email service for groups or individuals through our partner DomainsNed.

Hosted Exchange Features:
  • Setup is FREE and includes telephone support 24x7
  • FREE Microsoft Outlook® 2010 or Microsoft Outlook® for Mac 2011
  • Runs on genuine Microsoft Exchange Server®
  • We handle server upgrades, security patches, and virus & spam protection
  • Support for mobile ActiveSync® devices
  • Fast, reliable connections with 99.9% uptime
  • Access to your email, tasks and calendars anytime, anywhere
  • Extensive contacts and distribution lists
  • Optimized server, network and infrastructure security features
  • Full DNS management

This is a unique deal so you may need to call in to get the exact MS Exchange service you need.
NOTICE: We no longer offer any Microsoft related products/technologies for sale including Shared Hosting and VPS Server.

What are the main differences between Windows Server 2003 and 2008?

  • IP Address: Because Windows Server 2008 will be on a separate server, migrating from Windows Server 2003 to 2008 will mean that your website's IP address will change.

  • Scripting Paths: Your website is made up of interconnected script and image files. They all reside on our servers and your scripts (like index.html) tell your browser which to load and where to find them. Migration from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008 will physically move your files from one server to another and thus require you to change the paths your scripts use to look for your site files.

  • ODBC Drivers: ODBC Drivers allow a web application to make connections to a database. Because these drivers are of a later version in Windows Server 2008 a small change will need to be made when migrating your data.

  • CDONTS: CDONTS is a method used to allow a website to send email from a webpage. CDONTS has been replaced with CDOSYS in Windows Server 2008.

  • FrontPage: FrontPage Extensions allowed Microsoft FrontPage to communicate with web servers. As this is no longer supported by Microsoft, Frontpage Server Extensions will no longer be available for use on a Windows 2008 server, although Frontpage can still be used in FTP mode to edit and upload web pages.

  • Basic/Advanced Password Protection: Basic/Advanced Password Protection is a feature that was provided by us on old Windows Server 2003 hosting packages. This allowed customers to password protect directories in their website. Once you have migrated to Windows Server 2008, this feature will no longer work.

  • iHTML: iHTML is only supported by IIS6 and earlier.  As Windows 2008 uses IIS7, iHTML is no longer supported.

  • .EXE File Handling: .exe files are executable files. These might simply be files for your users to download or they could be CGI applications which you execute. Our Windows 2008 Server platform handles these files slightly differently to our Windows Server 2003 platform.

Scripting / How To Use ALT Tags In BBCode
April 09, 2015, 02:14:43 am
One criticism of BBCode is that it does not support alt tags for images (yes, properly the alt attribute, I know).  The alt is notoriously kind for SEO purposes and also for impaired visitors.

Well, I was toying around in the forum and discovered a way to make it work.  A bit of a little hack really.

Here is the format:

[img alt=here-is-the-alt][/img]

And here it is parsed below...


If you inspect the code of the page you will see the alt attribute is present.  Do not add quotes and use dashes or underscores (although you MIGHT be able to get away with spaces in some cases).  I can confirm this works on SMF BBcode, but have not tested elsewhere.
People really want what YOU have to offer...  So let them


YOU HAVE A PASSION for the services or products you offer. You want them to succeed in the marketplace. Well guess what? So do your most valuable customers, members, and prospects.

Express Email Marketing (formerly EmailCounts) from DomainsNed is a proven and effective solution for anyone looking to operate a professional mailing list.  YOU can easily create campaign mailings, schedule and target campaign delivery, and monitor e-mail campaigns to customers and contacts based on opt-in subscriber lists.  With Express Email Marketing, you contact and manage your mailing list customers, members, prospects and visitors, right online.


Email campaigns

  • Over 160 ready-made designs

  • Huge 20,000+ image library

  • Option to upload your own images

  • HTML & text emails

  • Auto Save feature

  • Easy Email Editor, with drag-and-drop functionality

  • Now-or-later scheduling

  • Ability to tailor emails to various interest groups

Social marketing

  • Broadcast to multiple social networks with one click

  • Review and respond to your social contacts with a real-time Social Feed

  • Get the most out of your updates by easily adding images

  • See the activity on all your social networks from one screen

Survey builder

  • Write, send, and tabulate customer satisfaction surveys

  • 9 unique question types

  • Custom design features

  • Link generator (text & button)

List manager

  • Keep names, addresses, and campaign history at your fingertips

  • Unlimited list segmentation to send targeted offers to different audiences

  • View reports on subscriber responses

  • Easy import/export feature

Real-time reports

  • Undeliverable emails

  • Unsubscribe requests

  • Number opened

  • Click-through rates to your website

Sign-up forms

  • Easily add your sign-up form to any website

  • Standard & custom questions

  • Question sorting

  • Custom design features

  • Return links

  • Form preview

  • Link generator (text & button)

  • HTML code for link


Other features

  • Bounce handling

  • Unsubscribe handling

  • Opt-in confirmation

  • Anti-spam protection

  • Spam reporting links

  • Custom e-mail messages


Email Marketing Express

(This product was previously know as Email-Counts)
It is easy to add an additional service to your account.  Simply purchase the service through our website and at checkout, click EXISTING CUSTOMER and sign in there.

If you need something that is not listed on our website or require assistance, open a support ticket at
1 - Failing to Reach Your Audience
2 - Focusing on Sales Rather Than Information/Education/Entertainment
3 - Wrong Amount of Content and/or Venues
4 - Failing to Promote What Has Been Written on a Set Schedule
5 - Not Measuring the Effectiveness of One's Content Marketing
6 - Not Making All of Your Content Mobile Friendly
7 - Incorrect Style and Voice
8 - Trying to Be a "Jack of all Trades"

8 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might be Making - 'Net Features - Website MagazineBy Andy Preisler :: Content marketing is in its relative infancy, but those who do it well are reaping huge benefits. And those who do not are missing out on a customer base that could really grow their businesses. Gone are the face-to-face relationships that businesses used to have with their customers; now relationships have to be built online.Read the article on >
If you go to and enter your domain name there you can see if any errors are returned.  Sites like and are designed to be reference guides only, they are not authoritative.  So even if errors show up here, if there are no problems with your domain services and functionality, there is no need to change anything.  However, we have noticed that users in some markets such as Australia domains are experiencing periodic problems while using the round-robin DNS ( and

It appears that the .au authority is implementing changes in standards recently that effectively drops support for our round-robin style dns/nameservers system.  For best results, we suggest changing the nameservers. 

Here is how:

(If your domain name is registered with us, simply open a ticket requesting nameserver change and we will take care of everything for you)


1) Log in to your domain name registrar.  Navigate to the "Nameservers" management area.  Edit the nameservers:

Remove these

Replace with these

Save the changes.

2) Open a support ticket listing the domains you require changed and we will make the appropriate corresponding changes to namesevers on the server DNS.

You will not experience any downtime or disruption of service because we are not changing server or IP address.
If you are looking for a way to lessen the amount of unwanted SPAM messages to your inbox, SpamAssassin can be a great help.

What is SpamAssassin?

It is a sophisticated email filtering system that uses an array of techniques to detect and filter incoming SPAM from your Inbox.

Here is how to get SpamAssassin set up in your Cpanel.

1) Log in to your Cpanel

SpamAssassin is now enabled on your domain for all email boxes.  All detected incoming SPAM will now be prepended in the SUBJECT line with the label "***SPAM***".  This will be useful in noticing and deleting unwanted messages.

You may want these messages automatically routed out of the inbox to reduce initial clutter and eyesore.  If so, give it a try by clicking the button "Enable Spam Box".

Now a new folder is created in your email accounts named "Spam" and all detected SPAM will go there automatically :)

No other SA configurations should be necessary.

NOTICE:  As with any kind of technology that uses pattern recognition (like anti-virus), there is a small chance of false positives.  There is a small chance that legitimate emails will be labeled and make it into your Spam folder, therefore we do not recommend using the Auto-Delete option.  Always take a look at the Spam folder before deleting it's contents.
If you want to preview your new domain before going live by setting the nameservers, there is a pretty easy way to do this.

You need to edit your "hosts" file on your computer.
On Windows systems (7 and 8) the hosts file is found at
Be advised that you may need to allow viewing of hidden system files.
Edit that file in notepad (or Notepad++) AS ADMINISTRATOR.

Add the line as follows:
<server_ip_here>     <domainnamehere> www.<domainnamehere>
(Replace <server_ip_here> with the IP address of the web server, and replace <domainnamehere> with the new domain name you want to preview.

Once saved, restart the web browser and there you go!

More info and details can be found here