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Hi Afterburn - nice to have you back.  I would love to learn how to do graphics - and I have tons of work - how much do you charge - I have several websites that need to be done right now and I am waiting for a designer to get them done for me- but she is very busy - so I would love to learn how to do it myself - do you create your designs from scratch?  use a program such as go live - or what?  can you tell me how much you charge to design websites, etc - thanks Sherry

Well I dont know what I did wrong - I changed the name servers over and then waited 24 hours and then published the website again and the files disappeared.  Should I have changed the name servers and then immediately gone and republished the website then - instead of waiting.  the old hosing plan has deleted the website - so there went the files - and the files did not move over to hostned so I think I am hooped - where would the files be? should they be on hostened somewhere? since they have been deleted off the old server - so yeah - looks like I will be re-doing the website - thanks for any help you can give me - I sure appreciate it
Oh - and one more thing - I am on holidays and I thought I had emailed myself my user id and password to get into my account here at hostned so I could keep working on this over holidays - but I dont seem to have got the email or forgot to send it or something - is there a way I can get that from the website - thanks again for your help

Hi - thanks for your help. I sure hope you are right and that it will just take a bit more time to move over.  the website is and it is still not showing up for me.  So I sure hope so.

So I did everything correctly then did I?  I set up a package and account for the website here at hostned - then I changed the name servers over and waited 48 hours - then I published the website again.  But now I can't find the files on my pc - the files are gone from there and I can't figure out why - those files should always be there as you say - so I dont know what I did wrong - the website was creted by someone else so maybe it is just a sign that I need to redo the website -LOL - looks like I might have to regardless.  But I have a bunch of sites to move so now it makes me nervous to try moving any of the others and I want to move them all a.s.a.p. since I will save so much money here at hostned.

Your help is very much appreciated.  At least I dont feel alone any more.  LOL -thanks every one

Hi All.  Sorry to be a bother - but I have this website that I am having trouble moving here.  I had a copy of the website downloaded onto my computer.  I set up an account for it here at hostned - then I changed the name servers and waited 24 hours.  I then published the website again and poof - there it went - gone.  There is nothing up on the net now, nothing in the files on my computer - so where did it go?  The people who hosted it last are less than friendly and not at all supportive - hence why I am moving - so I can't go back to them and ask if they can help.  What can I do?  I sure appreciate in advance anyone who can help.  thanks Sherry