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Title: How To Enable SpamAssassin In Cpanel
Post by: Dynaweb on January 06, 2015, 02:44:49 am
If you are looking for a way to lessen the amount of unwanted SPAM messages to your inbox, SpamAssassin can be a great help.

What is SpamAssassin?

It is a sophisticated email filtering system that uses an array of techniques to detect and filter incoming SPAM from your Inbox.

Here is how to get SpamAssassin set up in your Cpanel.

1) Log in to your Cpanel

SpamAssassin is now enabled on your domain for all email boxes.  All detected incoming SPAM will now be prepended in the SUBJECT line with the label "***SPAM***".  This will be useful in noticing and deleting unwanted messages.

You may want these messages automatically routed out of the inbox to reduce initial clutter and eyesore.  If so, give it a try by clicking the button "Enable Spam Box".

Now a new folder is created in your email accounts named "Spam" and all detected SPAM will go there automatically :)

No other SA configurations should be necessary.

NOTICE:  As with any kind of technology that uses pattern recognition (like anti-virus), there is a small chance of false positives.  There is a small chance that legitimate emails will be labeled and make it into your Spam folder, therefore we do not recommend using the Auto-Delete option.  Always take a look at the Spam folder before deleting it's contents.