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Dreamweaver Linux Edition

Started by zelo, March 04, 2006, 02:58:46 AM

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It has never made sense to me that the best platform to run a web site is Linux/Unix ( was once on a Linux server!) and yet there are no good tools that I know of for web development.

There are some very good ones out there for Windows including Dreamweaver, Coldfusion, and even Frontpage that do a great job supporting Linux and running on a Linux server, but none of these programs are written FOR Linux.

If it were not for that fact, I would most certainly be running almost exclusively on Linux and not having to switch back and forth between Linux and Windows.


I agree with zelo here.  From what I am aware of there is a decent graphics tool for Linux called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program.  It has versions for all three -- Windows, Linux, MacOS-X.  Now THAT is impressive!  Now For "Web Site Editors", here is where Linux falls a bit short.  We all wish our favorites like Dreamweaver and FrontPage would just port over a version for Linux users, but for now there are only some less familiar options.  Linux of course has great text editors (Pico, Vi, Nano) for doing those raw edits, but for real dynamic development there is just Composer (yes the old Netscape Communicator component.  Then there is Sun's Star Office (OpenOffice) which has an HTML editor built in but it falls short in many ways.  So is there any possible saviour here for Web Dev on Linux?  Some say maybe the future is in Screem, which is very advanced but does not provide a WYSIWYG interface.  For my money, there is nothing like the dualing screen (HTML and WYSIWYG at the same time) to get that must-look-good-and-be-done-yesterday type stuff done!


Additionally, you may want to look at Crossover Office from CodeWeavers which allows running WIndows-based apps on the Linux platform.
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