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Exploited PHP Form-to-mail Script

Started by Dynaweb, March 08, 2006, 11:13:36 AM

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A sincere thank you to user RWILSON and unknown perp from Dubai, United Arab Emerites for working so well as a team to get our web sever listed on SpamCop.  Way to go guys!  It really helped to leave the form to mail script wide open in your web space without any password protection at all and allow the form to enter in unlimited number of recipients and any "From" address he pleased.  Hey, now THAT is a SPAMMER's dream come true right there :)

Took engineers a LONG time (and cost HostNed a lot of $$) to find out who was connecting to our web server to send 100,000+ spam and phishing emails!  Yes, got our server listed by SpamCop and also got the user's site Suspended and our Arab friend blocked and reported to FBI!  WTG guys.