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how do i change things

Started by tchoudclown, April 24, 2007, 09:51:45 AM

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Hi, i have a website for the first timedesigned by someone else. it was transferred to me, but i don't know how to make any changes like text or pictures. can anyone help?


That's a pretty general question but if you are just changing text and not layout or formatting then simply open your index or whichever page you want to ghange in notepad select the text you want to change and overtype or delete it and type in your new text.  Be sure to select inside of the tags only.  If you remove the tags you're up a creek if you don't know what your doing.  By tags I mean anything within "<>".

For example you want to change the text on your page that says "I want to change this text."  You open your page with notepad or another text/html editor it could appear something like:

<div id="this one">
<p class="style">
I want to change this text.

Simply select (left click+highlight) the text only (example in red) and overtype or delete it and type whatever you want between the tags.  Then save the updated page.  On your next reload it will be there.

There are a lot of possibilities in how your page is constructed so these specifics may not fit and without a particular example it will be nigh impossible to tell you accurately what you need to do.

Changing images can be as simple or much more complex depending on what you have and what you want.  But make sure that you have the image you want in the directory you have the other ones and preferrably the same dimensions or proportions.  Then simply find the name of the image you want to replace and surplant it with the one you want.  First you need to know the name of the image you are replacing if you're not familiar enough with HTML to locate it by placement on the page.  If the person who built the page did their work correctly you should be able to mouse over the image and get either the name or description in a yellow box, this is from the "alt" attribute.  then open the page in notepad or HTML editor and locate that information and you should be in the area of the image you want.  Again, without specifics it is impossible to directly advise you but once the page is open and you know which image you want to replace then you do like you would in replacing the text.  It might look something like this:

<img src="/images/oldone.jpg " alt="Old Image" width="512" height="300"/>


<img src="/images/newone.jpg " alt="New Image" width="512" height="300"/>

Note the things to change would be the red text.

A couple words of caution:

  • Unless you want to change the layout make sure the image source is either the same dimensions of the one being replaced or proportionate that you can define the display dimensions in the CSS or HTML.

  • Make sure the image name is either one word or connected by an underscore or the pointer will not work.  "newimage or new_image" not "new image"

  • Make sure the case and extension are exactly as the image file is named.  If it is named "New_Image.jpg" the src attribute needs to be "New_Image.jpg" not "New_image.jpg", "new_image.jpg", "NewImage" or any of the vast ways to muss it up.

Again, this is a shot gun blast in total darkness as I have no specifics, but it may give you some idea as to what's involved.  Hope it helps.