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How do I upload files to my website?

Started by Dynaweb, February 21, 2011, 07:47:03 PM

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How do I upload files to my website?

There are a few different ways to upload files to your website.  The most popular way is to use FTP or the File Manager within your server control panel (cPanel or Plesk).  This way is best for uploading single files or making quick/minor edits.

Using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program, (CuteFTP or FileZilla for example *) to gain access to your website is very easy. You already chose a password for your ftp when you registered. This FTP password is needed every time you upload files to your server (most FTP programs allow you to store your username and password in memory. This saves you from re-entering them every time you want to upload files.)

    The FTP settings should be in a format like this:
    server address =
    username = (or your specific username assigned to you) (see your "Welcome" email if you forgot.*)
    password = (your chosen password) (verified in your "Welcome" email*)

    * The Welcome email can be viewed by you any time by going to the myHostNed area under Client Profile > Welcome Email or you can go directly to the Settings Generator page at

Once the FTP account is opened with your FTP program, you need to make sure you upload all your main files (index.htm, etc.) to the directory named "public_html" or "httpdocs" or "www" or similar (depending on which server). These folders are located in the root of the server space. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR FILES IN THE SERVER ROOT, they will not be seen on the internet. If you need further help please consult your manual or help option for your ftp program.

* Some free FTP programs are available for download at We recommend Filezilla.

* FTP Live is available for convenience (such as when traveling) or for making minor edits.