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Support For FrontPage on Cpanel

Started by Dynaweb, October 21, 2013, 07:04:01 PM

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It has come to my attention that those of you still using FrontPage for web publishing using the FrontPage Server Extensions technology are having difficulty connecting and publishing the way you are used to (http method).  At this time, this applies to Cpanel only.  FPSE still works on Plesk servers.

I know this comes as an untimely inconvenience for many.  It is difficult to let FrontPage go (yes I am a user of FP as well!)

We are researching what can be done further to continue to support FPSE.  Microsoft abandoned FPSE in 2004, so for the last nine years, we have been tweaking our service to work FPSE into our offerrings.

As with any old server technology that goes to the wayside, eventually it can no longer be offered if for nothing else than the sake of security.

The techs are looking into the possibility of restoring FPSE and we will keep you posted here as to those efforts.


Just an update to FrontPage Server Extensions.  For maximum security and performance, we no longer provide or support FPSE in any way. (You still can use the software Expression Web in FTP mode)