Author Topic: How do I setup my Outlook or Outlook Express to use my HostNed email account?  (Read 3849 times)

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How do I setup my Outlook or Outlook Express to use my HostNed email account?
Email Setup For
                                      Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express                                     
  1- Open Microsoft Outlook Express                                     
  2- Choose the Tools menu and then select Accounts.
  3- Click MAIL tab then click the ADD button and again choose MAIL.                                       
  4- Enter your name. This is the name that people will see when they receive an e-mail from you.
  5- Choose Next.
  6- If prompted, choose I already have an e-mail address that I would like to use.
  7- Enter your complete E-mail address. You must already have this address account installed.
    8- Choose Next.
  9- Incoming Server should be set to use POP3 by default. If not, chooose POP3.
  10- Enter the Incoming Mail Server Name.
    11-   Enter the Outgoing Mail Server   Name.
  Example: (You may also use SMTP   provided by your ISP)
    12- Choose Next.
  13- Enter your email Account Name. (typically this is the entire email   address)
  14- Enter your email Account Password.
  15- If you want to have your   password saved, so that you don't   have to type it when checking   e-mail, place a check in the   Remember password box.
  16- Secure Password Authentication should be unchecked by default. If  not, uncheck Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA).                                       
  17- Choose Next.
  18- Choose Finish to save your settings.                                     
  ** If your ISP or SMTP provider requires SMTP authentication, then  continue below. If not then your setup is complete:
    19- Choose the Mail tab.
  20- You will see the account you just created in the white box. Click  on it (select/highlight) Account and then choose the Properties button.                                       
  21- Choose the Servers tab.
  22- Check the box My Server   requires authentication.
  23- Choose the Apply button.
  24- Choose the OK button.
  25- Choose the Close button.         
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