Advanced SPAM Filtering by SpamAssassin

Started by Dynaweb, December 29, 2016, 06:31:56 pm

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December 29, 2016, 06:31:56 pm Last Edit: December 01, 2017, 05:20:57 pm by Dynaweb
SPAM is a problem for everyone at some point or another. To help you fight SPAM, HostNed offers a powerful tool that keeps up-to-date with the very latest pattern recognition software. While most providers offer SpamAssassin with default rules that catches only a limited amount of bad stuff, we allow you to assist yourself and the HostNed community by reporting SPAM messages that make their way through. The technical term is "Server-wide Baysian SpamAssassin Email Rules". It works much like anti-virus software does, but is designed for email systems.

Here is how to use it (HostNed Hosting Only):

  • First make sure that SpamAssassin is enabled in the Control Panel. See documentation here: Cpanel, Plesk. Just use the basic config. We recommend setting to send all identified SPAM to the folder named "spam".

  • Now we need to create two new mail folders in the top level (not inside other folders). One named "Report-spam" and another named "Report-notspam". (Case sensitive, no quotes)

  • To use it like a pro, report new SPAM by moving any noticeable SPAM that comes to your Inbox to the folder "Report-spam". The server will check that folder daily for fresh SPAM you added recently. As a courtesy, we do not remove these messages from that folder for a few days, but eventually it will clear itself. The server will use the messages you reported to "learn" what the new SPAM patterns looks like and will attempt to move any incoming messages that match it to your "spam" folder. In case any messages come through into the "spam" that are not really SPAM (false positives), move them into the "Report-notspam" folder you created. Same deal, allow the server a couple days to process the report.

This powerful tool can give you the edge in SPAM prevention that are typically reserved only for expensive providers or custom systems.

* Please be respectful of the other community members by REPORTING ONLY ACTUAL SPAM, unwanted messages from legitimate sources are not to be reported here as other users may indeed desire those in their inboxes.