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Affordable Recurring Credit Card Payments For My Website

Started by ctwjr, December 05, 2013, 12:19:19 PM

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Hi HostNed'ers, I am looking for a solution for accepting recurring payments on my website.  I know PayPal does the "subscriptions" thing, but I do not want that.  I need something more traditional where subscribers can use a credit card as usual.  I have found some solutions out there that do this, but many charge big monthly fees (like $30 to $90 a MONTH!).  I am not going to be doing volume enough to justify a large monthly fee.  I understand that the providing service needs to make money, so I do not mind paying a fee per transaction.

Does anyone know of a service like this, or have any experience or review of it?
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We here at HostNed have been using 2checkout (2CO) for a long time. How has 2CheckOut been working for us?  I guess you could say we are satisfied.  Very few issues ever and any problems have been resolved quickly and thoroughly.  Lately they have added more protection against fraud and chargebacks which REALLY helps.

Other than 2CO, I am not sure who else can offer RECURRING billing for low/no monthly minimums and fees.

* Update October 2021: Since the recent acquisition by Verifone, our dealings with 2CO have been much less than satisfactory. Support is slow to non-existent and very frustrating. Although transactions are still being handled properly, we are now preferring PayPal over 2Checkout.