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Selling T-shirts, mugs and stuff through CafePress

Started by Dynaweb, March 01, 2007, 09:47:30 PM

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I have to say, the more I use CafePress the more I like them.  Their products are top-notch. The prining quality is unbeatable.  In my opinion, there is no alternative to CafePress, none of the others come close to the professional solution they have to offer. 

It is really easy to set up a shop for free, and their premium shops are just fabulous... you can even add your own custom HTML!.  It's all just too easy.  CafePress is definitely worth checking out.


I beg to differ, Cafepress prices are quite high, they are basically retail price, and to make money with that you would have to mark it up even more.

Take a look at , No min, Free Shipping, Lower prices.  Products are great quality too i assure you.

If you want to just make your own product and sample it use this coupon code:ShipNSave.
Purchase of $5 or more gives you free shipping.


I am going to have to challenge your statement.  The pricing appears to be on average 50 cents cheaper, but their home page is a PR0 which leads me to believe they are a new company trying to get started.  All the best to them, but I would stick with a known champ like cafepress.

One thing I do like about is their selection.  They seem to have all the stuff cafepress has and then some.  I applaud them for their creative magnets, puzzles and golf ball markers.


they are a bit more than 50 cents cheaper by the way for the free store.  And if you go pay 9.95/per month which is about 5 bucks more than cafepress, then they are like 5 bucks cheaper for product, and if you go reseller its even cheaper.  You can try their reseller trial for 30-Days Free and get a free sample mousepad for free too.  Which only cost 2.99 INCLUDING shipping if you sign up for the reseller program.


I will  chime in on this and say AVOID CUSTOMDROPSHIPPER.COM at all costs.

They are inconsistent at best, and they are scamming people out of their hard earned money.  IF, and I say if they actually process your order, it will take 3-4 weeks to arrive here in the states. When I first signed up, most orders were delivered within 2 weeks or a bit longer. So, I then made the mistake of placing over 60 orders with them, all of which were never shipped, amounting to over $1,000 which I now have to fight with Paypal to get back.  they have been giving me the runaround ever since.  They are based in China, and there is no phone number to call and they never reply to emails.