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Review: Shopster for Ecommerce

Started by Dynaweb, June 30, 2010, 02:34:10 PM

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I was asked by a client to investigate potential programs for selling online, both inventory items and drop-shipping of items.  I discovered Shopster and liked what I saw of them.  I am going to use their free trial and report back here with a review of the service. 

They allow you to sell on ebay and also accept paypal.  So far so good...


A look at the packages:

Shopster offers 4 distinct packages  to users.

Shopster Free:   Customers get a fully hosted online store, data feeds, and more. Plus,   Merchants can instantly connect to hundreds of unique suppliers in the   worlds' largest online merchant network. That's increased selling   ability, with minimal risk.

Shopster PowerMerchant   Starter: A product limit of 200, access to the full template   library, and increased design flexibility allow Merchants to enhance   their business in unique and creative ways. Only $19.95/month.

Shopster PowerMerchant Pro: More   power, more products, more ways for your customers to make more money!   Only $69.95/month.

Shopster PowerMerchant   Enterprise: The full meal deal, perfect for established   Merchants who want lots of products, and lots of flexibility to take   their brand to the next level.


Well, I have to say signup was easy, VERY EASY and the GETTING STARTED wizerd appears to be friendly and intuitive.  Here is more info from them:
How Shopster Works:

Shopster lets you sell on your website and e-Commerce store, list on eBay, list on other sites, and list your products on the virtual warehouse for other e-Commerce stores to sell for you. And you save time because you can manage everything from one convenient spot. Start making money with Shopster today.

With Shopster You Can:

    * Build your own custom website and e-Commerce store
    * Sell on eBay
    * Post your products to other sites like Overstock, Amazon, and Shopping Comparison sites
    * All that, plus you can also add your own inventory to Shopster for others to sell

Step 1:
Build your website and e-Commerce store with our easy to use custom store builder

Step 2:
Visit our 1.5 million product virtual warehouse, make connections, and add suppliers' products to your Network

Step 3:

   1. Start selling your virtual inventory on your e-Commerce store
   2. List products on eBay
   3. List products on Overstock, Amazon, and Shopping Comparison sites
   4. List your products in the virtual warehouse and have other e-Commerce stores sell them for you

Step 4:
One easy process: you sell a product, receive the order and shipping information, and get paid. Then place the order with your supplier and they ship it to your customer.

You've made a sale, one of many to come!


After trying out Shopster, I found Get Selling Today   I have been selling on this site for over 3 months and have no trouble what so ever.   I have had a few questions and there live support was excellent.   They have over 1 Million dropship products that you can easily add to your website and update/change at any time.  You set your own profit margin for each product.  I can push my products to my Ebay listings very EASY, I have a Facebook Store that auto Sync's with my real store which generates a lot of my website traffic.

They also have a Awesome Logo creator software for FREE for all members so that you don't have to pay the High Fee's having a professional design your logo.  They list all their products right on their main website so you know what types of products they have that you could be listing on your online store.   Changing the whole look of your website takes 1 click and can be done anytime.  They have a bunch of other free website promotion tools that you can use as well which really help. 

I suggest any of you to try out Get Selling Today – Hopefully you have the same success I am currently having.



Seems like Shopster is no longer around.  Site appears to be taken down.  Shame.
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