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An alternative to AWstats

Started by Dynaweb, October 13, 2009, 08:49:24 PM

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There is a free stats tracking service called Extreme Tracking.  I started using them on a few of my sites.  Sure, my sites have AWstats which I think are the bast, but I like having the ExtremeTracking as a supplement.  To check them out, go to and scroll to the bottom on the right and click the little black and blue planet graphic there.

Things I like about Extreme Tracking:
1) Quick and easy.  Don't have to log in anywhere to get some basic info.
2) Public-viewable.  This might be a bad thing if you do not want the public to be able to see where your traffic is coming from, but for my uses it is not a problem.
3) MAY help with SEO since spiders can peruse the stats and pick up all the good keywords and links to your site.

So what do you think of this neat and free stats tool?