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The 7 Most Important Things That Your Web Developer Should Be Aware Of

Started by Dynaweb, March 26, 2013, 01:34:02 AM

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Website Design
Efficient website development calls for specialized skills and expertise. That, in turn, implies that the compensation package of a professional web developer would be slightly higher than the employees involved in other, routine tasks. Is the website developer you have hired ideally suited to take your website to the next level? The answer would be positive, only if (s)he has in-depth knowledge on the following:

  • Coding techniques – The developer should be able to make use of the latest programming and coding languages, to lend a smarter edge to your web design & development plans. Right from HTML, Javascript and PHP methods, to the more advanced Dot Net and Ruby platforms – a professional website developer should be equally at ease, while working with any of them. (S)he should also have a clear idea of how CSS stylesheets should be used.
  • Layout development methods – The back-end coding expertise of the developer you have hired might be impressive enough, but can (s)he improve the layout and visual appeal of your website as well? Ideally, the developer should be aware of the different tables, frames lists and forms, which make the front-end interface of the website more user-friendly.
  • Latest search engine optimization (SEO) information – Unless the online solutions prescribed by your website developer is in keeping with the prevailing SEO norms and regulations, the online visibility of your website can suffer. Make sure that (s)he has a clear idea of the latest updates in the Google search algorithms (e.g, the Panda and the Penguin updates) – and the changes in website development plans that they necessitate. Find out more about recent changes in search engine algorithms over here.
  • Processing and/or editing website images – The website design experts need to work in close collaboration with the website developer, in this regard. The latter should, in particular, be aware of all the tools and applications (e.g., Photoshop) that are used to process pictures on websites. Using relevant images on your web pages is all very fine – but the snaps should be properly edited and processed too.
  • Version control techniques – Over time, the scope of your business would expand – and so would your web design & development plans. Apart from being able to develop properly scalable websites, the developer should also have the expertise to keep backup copies of the previous 'versions' or 'copies' of your website. They might be required at any time for reference – or even in place of the newer version (in case it is not successful).
  • Troubleshooting and website debugging – The task of a website developer does not end with the creation of a smart and efficient website. Technical glitches and other related problems can crop up – and (s)he should be qualified enough to rectify such issues as soon as possible. That would rule out risks of extended downtimes for your website. The developer should also have the knowledge of testing your website on different browsers. Click here to read more about cross-browser functionality of websites.
  • Awareness of the statutory regulations and copyright issues – Photos on Flickr photostream, and copyrighted codes might seem to be ideal for your website development plans – but using them indiscriminately can lead to legal hassles. The developer you have hired should stay updated about the latest cyber regulations and laws. None of the actions that (s)he pursues, should violate these laws.
A good website developer should also make sure that you have a clear idea of the nature and purpose of the different codes used on your website. (S)he should have the knowledge to make the URLs of the different web pages shorter and more SEO-friendly too. Once you make sure that your web developer has adequate knowledge of the above-mentioned points, you can rest assured that (s)he will indeed offer good value-for-money.