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End-Of-Life for PHP version 7.4

Started by Dynaweb, January 12, 2023, 11:10:34 AM

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This is an announcement for all Web Hosting customers. It is time again for PHP upgrades.

PHP 7.4 reached EOL

It is highly recommended that you upgrade your PHP version. In the near future, technicians as well as automated systems will be upgrading accounts periodically, however, we highly recommend you upgrade your PHP version yourself if you are using version 7.4 or lesser.

Ensure your PHP scripts are up-to-date

The new version 8.x comes with some degree of incompatibility with some older code. Our techs and systems cannot know for sure if your PHP scripts are compatible with the new versions, so have your software developer check into that for you. Some code syntax that works properly on older versions may not work with 8.x and may display error or warning messages. If you do continue to use the older version in the meantime, you will be susceptible to any remaining bugs or security issues.

For more information, read PHP EOL Documentation.